Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I had a Heart Attack

Imagine this. I was reading in my reading room just after 900am when I heard a loud horrible noise. I had just let the cat out thought a bird was doing a warning call for all the other birds that the bitch of a cat was out.

I screaming stopped for a minute, then it started up again. This time it was getting closer to the house. I was about to get up and see what it was when Cali came waltzing in with this animal in her mouth. My first thought a mouse. Anyone that knows me knows I hate all rodents. So I started to scream and I screamed and screamed some more. Ok so I must have screamed for about half an hour.

I didn't know what to do this thing is now running aound my reading room and there was no place for it to escape to. So I did the only thing I could think of. Call Krista. Hoping she could what come down with in the next 5 minutes to kill this thing or something.

Well she answered the phone quite quickly and tried to calm me down, honestly it didn't work to well. She told me to let Cali back into the room with the mouse and let her get it.

Well I couldn't do that, even though I was scared like crazy it was just a bit to inhumaine. I was still screaming on the phone with her. I tried to tell her that there was a mouse although I'm quite sure she didn't understand a word I was saying.

I finally stopped screaming and saw that it wasn't a mouse at all it was a baby bunny. She brought home a baby bunny!

Not a mouse. It was so scared I think it was more scared then I was once I finally figured it out. So now the major problem how do I get it out without the boys touching it and without me touching it??? Grab a towel Krista tells me. OK send Nathan for a bath towel. He comes back with a tea towel. Thank you Nathan. Phoenix grabbed a dish cloth. Thanks guys. Thinking fast(yeah right). I give the phone to Nathan and race up the stairs to get a towel. Got the towel go to where the bunny was. It's under the ledge of the hearth of the fireplace. Then I somehow scared it into the corner of the bookshelf, I can't get to it from there either. I get back on the phone with Krista told her I'll call her back when the bunny was outside.

Finally it come into a corner I could get to. I throw the towel over it and dragged it across the floor. The boys opened the door for us. I took the towel off and it hopped out the door. Away from the house the mean cat and the crazy lady.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nathan's Birds

While walking to and from the school all day Nathan has discovered the world of birds so we thought we would share them with all of you in cyberworld who can not come down and see them yourself.

This is the Rosefinch that was named "Rosey".
We see this one in our backyard everyday. Thank God Kali has yet to see it and eat it. This one a Grackle. It looks mean and I'm not too sure what it will do to my vegetable garden when it gets underway.
This one is a Goldfinch, Goldie is it's name. When you are 4 you have to have names that you will remember. They are not very creative but Nathan likes them and that is what counts.
This is his newest member of his bird collection. It is a Scarlet Tanager. I know they are all common but they are not common in Toronto. We never seen them before.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Boys School Pics.

This is long over due but here they are. The boys school pictures from this year

Nathan Grade JK Age 4

Zach Grade 2 Age 7

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Brain + Muscels = Sitting

So here is the 411 on Phe. His brain and his muscles are not working together. His brain is not telling his back muscles to work they just go limp and that is why he is not sitting, plus the fact that he is too much on the go. His therapist said she has never met a baby who moves as much as he does. LOL. I could not stop laughing when she was trying to work with him on Friday. It was just too funny. But in the end she did get him to do his exercises which is good and now we do them with him 2x a day and I think it is helping him already his sitter had him sitting on a blanket on the grass last night when Eddie came to pick them up. YEAH!!!

We are planning on selling our house we would like to have it sold before the end of summer so Zach and Nathan can start school in our new place with no hassle.

Tomorrow Stan and his new wife Dena are coming for a visit for a few days. Where they can watch Zach and Eddies first T-ball game. He is quite excited about that. So is Eddie and Zach they can't wait for there first game. They has a practise on Thursday and everyone showed up but one person, but he already had his uniform and he played last year on another team.

So that is all that has been going on here not to much has happened. But enough to keep me busy.. lol